UQx is a project tasked with:

  • exploring best practices in teaching and learning through technology-enabled methods and transfering this back to the campus. 

  • collaborating with top research institutions that are seeking to enhance their on-campus learning.

  • providing access to emerging technologies, rich sources of data, and collaborative insights from edX consortium members.

  • providing the opportunity to expand UQ's reach to learners around the globe.

​UQx meets these goals by developing online courses (MOOCs - Massive Open Online Courses) and learning experiences (SPOCs - Small Private Online Courses) though edX, a non-profit organisation founded in 2012 by Harvard University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Led by the UQx Director, UQx comprises four teams:

  • Learning Design,

  • Media Production,

  • Project Management,

  • Technical Innovation.

Each UQx course/project is allocated resources from each of these teams to work alongside content matter experts drawn from UQ Schools, Institutes, Centres and Partners. We aspire to create online learning experiences which reflect the teaching and research capability of UQ and reflect UQ's values globally.

On the UQx website Learners can find the UQx Course Catalog, Educators can find out how to initiate a project with UQx to create Scaleable Online Learning, Researchers can discover ways to engage in Learning Research around our courses, and everyone can access our Data dashboard, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Resources.  

UQx is situated in the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI) and we will be delighted to receive an approach from any corner of UQ.