UQx Facilities

UQx has a number of facilities which can be accessed when not in use for official UQx projects. UQx can't usually give guaranteed advance bookings for these facilities, due to the dynamic nature of our official project production schedules. However, we are able to work with UQ staff who have some flexibility in scheduling to provide limited access to these facilities and many non-UQx projects able to work within these constraints have benefited in this way. 

UQx Studio 408

The UQx Studio 408 is a small studio set up for recording a single presenter in typical presentation mode with or without slides. The studio includes a teleprompter, writing tablet, front and overhead cameras, microphones, cueing monitors, and a green screen background. The studiio can perform live compositing of background, slides and presenter. It does require a trained facilitator to operate with the presenter and the output will usually require video postproduction. We recommend any staff who intend to be filmed in the UQx Studios to attend the UQx Presentation Workshop prior to using the studio for the first time. Some examples of video shot in the UQx Studio 408 can be seen at the following links.

UQx Volts Studio

The UQx Volts Studio is a large studio that is lowered into place by a gantry in the UQx Innovation Space. Volts is suitable for interviews, small panels and demonstrations or recording through a lightboard. Volts can also be used for live streaming events. Volts requires a trained video production professional to operate. Some example videos shot by UQx staff in Volts are at the following links.

UQx Innovation Space

The UQx Innovation Space is used for presentations and workshops. There are two large screen projectors, a number of mobile touch capable MoCoWs, tables and mobile whiteboards. The space can accommodate 32 in seminar style or 4 tables of 6 workshop style. The space is open to UQx staff office space and kitchen area, so through traffic and noise is to be expected.

Portable Video Kits

More and more teaching academics are discovering the value of recorded video in their courses.

Whether it’s recording an important interview with a visiting scholar, shooting a lab experiment that is expensive or dangerous, or presenting lectures online, video has the power to re-enforce class learning and transport students to places that a whole class cannot visit.

In order to make use of video in your course, you’ll need some equipment and some basic production skills. UQx can assist you with both. We have a number of Portable Video Kits (PVK’s) available for short-term loan.

Each kit contains a quality handicam, wireless lapel microphone, LED video light (all packed in a small waterproof case), plus a lightstand and lightweight video tripod. All you need to supply is an SD memory card and ten AA batteries.

You’ll learn how to put this equipment to work in our “Introduction to Educational Video Production” workshop series, offered via the UQ Professional Development website. These fun, hands-on sessions will get you started in video pre-production (planning), production (shooting) and post-production (editing and distribution).

Educational video is a popular and robust addition to any course.